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Extraordinary Places Rule endangers North Dakotans' royalty checks

Call Governor Jack Dalrymple now.

Urge him to oppose Extraordinary Places Rule

 Call 701-328-2200 or email to 

Attention royalty owners, leaseholders, farmers/ranchers, property owners and North Dakotans! Your property rights and royalty checks are at serious risk!

If you think your property and the decisions about how and when to use it belong to you, then you should think again. Nearly a million acres of private land across the Peace Garden State may soon be restricted or even condemned. If you thought a royalty check was coming your way, your wells may not be drilled.

Out-of-state interests are pushing their anti-development agenda in Bismarck all in the name of protecting so-called “Extraordinary Places,” places that are ALREADY protected by existing regulations!

North Dakota is the shining star of America’s drive toward energy independence. But, now, a proposed North Dakota Industrial Commission rule would create buffer zones in areas coined “extraordinary places.” As many as 10,000 proposed well sites may be off limits. North Dakota’s economic miracle is in jeopardy.

This proposed amendment is:

·      A regrettable example of “big government style” regulatory overreach and an open invitation to federal intervention.

·      An unwarranted change to the NDIC’s mandate “to promote the development, production, and utilization of natural resources of oil and gas in the state.”

·      Hostile not only to oil and gas development in the state, but also to the state’s agriculture industry and to all citizens whose private property interests and economic well-being will be devastated if it is adopted.

This proposed Extraordinary Places Rule is scheduled for a hearing at the NDIC this Wednesday, Jan. 22.

The date was moved up in an effort to avoid the firestorm of criticism that is coming from people who support oil-and-gas, agriculture and private property rights. This amendment is a classic example of a solution in search of a problem. 

This proposed rule must be withdrawn. 

We urge you to contact Gov. Dalrymple now. Don’t wait!

Thank him for his balanced approach to energy and environmental issues. Tell him you are counting on his leadership to make sure this “Extraordinary Places” rule is withdrawn permanently!


“If you are a North Dakota mineral owner the proposed Industrial Commission (NDIC) new rule on Extraordinary Places should be of great concern to you.

This rule could slow or stop development of nearly ONE MILLION PRIVATELY owned mineral acres. The NDIC currently has a permit review process and the ability to file a protest, so this is simply not necessary to protect North Dakota's extraordinary places. Take a look at the list of places that are proposed to be listed, it is a huge swath of the state.”- Jerry Simmons, ROPE Coalition Executive Vice President

For more information on this issue, click here

For a list of the extraordinary places, click here.

McKenzie County has openly expressed many concerns about the proposal to increase the regulations for the North Dakota Industrial Commission to protect significant extraordinary places. The buffer zones will not only effect oil exploration, but anyone who wishes to develop their privately owned land around these areas. The proposal effects 1.7 million acres of land in Western North Dakota. 832,000 acres of this belongs to private land owners. 

Read their letter to Governor Dalrymple here.