The ROPE Coalition is a nationwide movement focused on educating and energizing the grassroots of the domestic oil and natural gas industry.

The ROPE Coalition is reaching out to long-time royalty owner activists to encourage their participation in this educational/advocacy effort, in addition to attracting “new” royalty and mineral owners in the various regions of the U.S. where energy exploration and production is up and coming.

ROPE seeks additional active partners from the oil and gas industry- companies that see the potential benefit of getting factual information on a variety of energy issues into the hands of as many royalty owners as possible.

What can you do to help?

  1. Visit this website regularly and keep yourself informed on key royalty owner issues.
  2. Sign up to receive our ROPE Coalition Action Alerts.
  3. Help us build our ROPE Coalition data base by registering.
  4. Follow the ROPE Coalition activities on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Tell your friends, relatives and other royalty owners about the ROPE Coalition.

How did we get started?

The creation of the Royalty Owners and Producers Educational (ROPE) Coalition movement was led by Julie Kruger Musselman. A long-time National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO) member from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Julie is past chair of the NARO National Legislative Council. Because of her nearly three decades “in the trenches” working local, state and national issues for NARO and its members, Julie has a keen sense for the potential power in the multitude of royalty owner voices.

The main challenge was finding the funding to create and operate a national grassroots effort to arm royalty and mineral owners – and all Americans — with the facts about the domestic oil and natural gas industry. Julie and other royalty owner activists found help from key individuals at Apache, Continental Resources, Devon Energy and Newfield Exploration.

In 2012, these four independent producer companies agreed to fund ROPE as a pilot project. And they continued their support for the ROPE Coalition efforts into 2013.

The next step was to get the NARO Board of Directors to agree to work with ROPE and to encourage NARO members to serve on the ROPE Board of Directors, in a collaborative issues education effort with independent oil and gas company representatives. So, ROPE was incorporated in September, 2012, in the State of Oklahoma as a not-for-profit organization with a Board of Directors made up of an equal number of royalty owners and company representatives.

If you have any questions, would like to leave feedback or need more information about ROPE Coalition, please email issues@ropeco.org.

Key Contact:
Jerry R. Simmons,
ROPE Coalition Executive Vice-President