FERC Letter

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As an owner of private mineral interests who receives royalty income from the oil and gas produced from my property, I urge you to support the presidential nominations of Neil Chatterjee and Robert F. Powelson to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

As you know, it has been nearly two months since both Mr. Chatterjee and Mr. Powelson were overwhelmingly supported by the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. The President also intends to nominate two additional FERC Commissioners – Richard Glick and Kevin McIntyre – and I encourage you to support those as well.

FERC has been without a quorum since February 2017 and has been unable to perform one of its primary functions — approving critical energy infrastructure projects that will help ensure Americans have continued access to affordable, reliable energy.

Tens of thousands of people like myself have a direct interest in the expeditious completion of energy infrastructure projects, many of which are stalled, despite having nominees ready to take their positions as soon as confirmed. With construction of major projects halted across the country, royalty owners are losing the ability to move our product to market via pipelines, which are the safest way to deliver energy resources.

But more importantly, communities across the country are being prevented from reaping economic dividends from these projects and the products they will transport. Oil and gas companies continue to play a significant role in creating stronger, healthier and more prosperous communities. Energy projects create new streams of tax revenue for schools and critical government services such as local public safety. They bring both temporary and permanent jobs to our local workforce, adding millions of dollars to local economies. And these projects provide affordable energy for homes, schools, hospitals and businesses.

In light of these facts, I believe there is much to be gained by moving forward with confirming the FERC appointments and much to be lost should they continue to be delayed. Please allow FERC to do the job it was created to do by moving forward with the appointments of these nominations for FERC Commissioner.