Out-of-stater comes to kill Colorado jobs

The out-of-state backers of Proposition 112 don’t care that it will destroy Colorado’s economy, kill jobs and starve schools and governments of $230 million in cash.  They know it will, but pretend it won’t. They talk about merely wanting oil and gas operations 2,500 feet from homes and schools. They make it sound reasonable and harmless. They tell us energy producers will endure a mere inconvenience. Any doubt about the true intent of Prop 112 — to kill the oil and gas industry — can be cleared up by the fact 350.org founder Bill McKibben is stumping throughout Colorado as the rock star promoting it. McKibben, from Vermont, was in Colorado Springs on Saturday speaking to a group of 112 campaigners. He gave a bit of lip service to the mythical notion oil and gas operations would stay in Colorado if the proposition passes. Then he got to what he really stands for and let a few things slip. Oil and gas “is no longer necessary, and it’s dangerous as can be.” Win or lose on 112, he said, advocates will hurt Colorado’s oil and gas sector.