Rick Perry Cheers First Natural Gas Export Terminal On East Coast

Article By: Washington Examiner

Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Thursday christened the first natural gas export terminal on the East Coast, at the Cove Point facility in Maryland outside of Washington.

“We can become a reliable competitive alternative anywhere in the world, and we will,” Perry said in remarks opening the second natural gas export terminal in the country.

Energy exports are key to Trump’s “energy dominance” agenda, and Perry said the president fully supports the new terminal.

“This president understands the power of energy and he is eager to unleash our bounty to the world, which is why he is so supportive of this infrastructure project right here at Cove Point,” Perry said.

Perry said the president’s deal with the European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker on Wednesday to purchase more U.S. liquefied natural gas underscores the administration’s support for facilities like the one in Maryland.

“We stand ready, willing, able to help our partners increase their energy security, not only by increasing their diversity of supply, but of suppliers as well,” he said.

The Trump administration has made clear to the European Union that it opposes a new major pipeline project to connect Russian natural gas supplies through Germany, and wants Europe to instead look to the U.S. to shore-up energy supplies.

“Clearly, the story of America’s path to energy security shines brightly before the world,” Perry added, calling the opening of Cove Point a “remarkable new chapter in America’s history.”

Cove Point is the second LNG export facility to open in the country after the large Sabine Pass terminal in Louisiana. Perry said four more facilities are nearing completion to begin shipping natural gas in the near future.

He noted that for the first time in 60 years, America became a net exporter of natural gas in 2017. “We’re now exporting natural gas to 30 nations,” he said.

Although some test cargoes had been sent to the U.K., the principal destination for much of the natural gas from the facility will be India and Japan.

The large Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo, the Tokyo Gas utility, and the India-based Gail Ltd. bought a 20-year stake in the facility.