Striking Back at Scandalous Drbc Fracking Ban: Kevin Mcginnis

Article by Natural Gas Now

This is the testimony of Kevin McGinnis given at the January 23rd DRBC Hearing in Waymart on their proposed fracking ban. Let it speak for itself.

I am Chairman of Dyberry Township Supervisors. I am here to state the Supervisors’ opposition to the fracking ban.

The ban, is in effect, a taking away of property rights and assets, without compensation.

Not only is this action un-American, but it is also a violation of the United States Constitution.

The DRBC is proposing to steal property rights and gas assets from the law abiding, tax paying, property owners of Wayne County.

Here are the facts:

  1. There are over 11,000 oil & gas in wells in Pennsylvania that are deeper than the Marcellus Shale.
  2. Fracking has been standard practice in PA since the 1950’s without any known adverse effects
  3. Marcellus drillers build wells to exceed DEP regulations.
  4. Former Governor Tom Corbett wrote to the DRBC complaining about the huge economic losses being suffered in Wayne County. He further mentioned there will be LEGAL ramifications of the ban continues.
  5. The Assistant Commissioner of NJ DEP Water Management, John Plonski, personally wrote me a letter stating “NJ does not believe the DRBC regulations should expand into areas that are under State authority.” He further stated the NJ DEP wants the DRBC to “Adopt regulations that adequately protect water resources while enabling the natural gas industry to proceed responsibly in developing these energy resources.”
  6. The DRBC and the SRBC are both controlled by the same governing majority. PA Governor Wolf sits on both the SRBC and DRBC boards. Why does Governor Wolf allow fracking in his own county of York, but oppose it in Wayne County?
  7. Over 3,000 wells have been fracked in the SRBC over the last ten years and the SRBC has stated, “to date, there is no discernible impact from hydraulic fracking on the waters of the Susquehanna River Basin.”

In closing, a ban on fracking will:

  • Destroy Wayne County property values,
  • Depress Wayne County incomes,
  • Steal assets away from law-abiding property owners,
  • Stall job growth,
  • Greatly reduce local and State tax receipts,
  • Increase the cost of natural gas,
  • And violate the Constitution of the United States of America!

This is a politically motivated taking of property rights and assets, without compensation. The proposed ban is an illegal act!

If you want our gas rights, then pay for them, as the gas companies did ten years ago.

Dyberry Township Supervisors want you to know that we are strongly opposed to the fracking ban.