U.S. House OKs Bill Authorizing Small-Scale LNG Exports

Article By: Kallanish Energy

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation last week 260-146 authorizing small-scale exports of liquefied natural gas.

Thirty-seven Democrats joined 223 Republicans in casting yes ballots, Kallanish Energy reports. Three Republicans and 143 Democrats opposed the measure, which moved immediately to the U.S. Senate for consideration by the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

“It’s critically important that we take advantage of this opportunity we’ve been blessed with. There is no doubt that LNG exports are creating new, well-paying jobs and improving the quality of life for hard working families in eastern and southeastern Ohio,” Rep. Bill Johnson (Republican-Ohio), the bill’s sponsor, said, Oil & Gas Journal reported.

LNG proponents obviously were happy with the House passage. “Today’s lopsided vote on the small-scale LNG bill reflects the fact that U.S. LNG exports continue to enjoy strong bipartisan support within the House of Representatives and Congress as a whole,” said LNG Allies president and CEO Fred H. Hutchison said.

“Clearly, both the executive and legislative branches of the government understand that U.S. LNG exports create thousands of American jobs and bring economic and environmental benefits to U.S. allies and trading partners around the globe.”